Badminton Rackets

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Yonex Muscle Power 2 Junior Badminton Racket

This Muscle Power 2 JR is specially designed for junior players to achieve high levels of repulsion ..

Rs. 4,500

Mizuno JPX Limited Edition Badminton Racket-UnStrung

The Limited Edition model from the JPX Collection is a revolutionary design that fuses the key eleme..

Rs. 15,000

Mizuno Turbo Blade K500 Badminton Racket-UnStrung

Belonging to the mid-range segment of Japan's leading badminton brand Mizuno, TURBO BLADE K500 featu..

Rs. 7,500

Victor AuraSpeed 90K H Badminton Racket

Offense x Speed. The combination of WES and ANTI-TORSION-SYSTEM allows powerful offensive plays with..

Rs. 32,500

Victor AuraSpeed Light Fighter 40 Badminton Racket-UnStrung

A light but head-heavy racket based on the ARS series. Thanks to a combination of Sword- and UltraTh..

Rs. 11,000

Victor AuraSpeed Light Fighter 80 Badminton Racket-UnStrung

The fast and speedy ARS-LF-80 tamper with its brilliant handling, while offering good control and sp..

Rs. 11,000

Victor DX-Light Fighter 60 Badminton Racket-UnStrung

Medium stiff racket, which offers good control while offering a brilliant power due to the DriveX fa..

Rs. 9,600

Victor HyperNano X MAN Badminton Racket-UnStrung

SPECIFICATIONSFrame Material: Ultra High Modulus Graphite + Ultra Carbon Nano Fiber + HARD CORED Sha..

Rs. 17,250

Victor Jet Speed-010 Badminton Racket-UnStrung

By combining two cutting-edge technologies, PYROFIL and Nano Fortify, with a smaller racket frame an..

Rs. 6,950

Victor Light Fighter Ultra Badminton Racket

Especially on the defensive and in the fast game on the net (mixed / double) this ultralight racket ..

Rs. 23,950

Victor Thruster Light Figher 30 Badminton Racket-UnStrung

Flexible and light weight racket. The well-known Thruster technology unleashes the power during ever..

Rs. 10,200

Yonex ArcSaber 71 Lite Badminton Racket - Strung

This is a new and technologically racket that delivers fast handling and high repulsion, responding ..

Rs. 8,100

Yonex ArcSaber Lite Badminton Racket - Strung

Yonex ArcSaber Lite is an entry level badminton racket within the ArcSaber series that is excellent ..

Rs. 6,400

Yonex Astrox 100 Game Badminton Racket (Kurenai)-Strung

Introducing the Astrox 100 GAME badminton racket. With a flexible shaft, the Astrox 100 Game is suit..

Rs. 16,500

Yonex Astrox 100ZZ Badminton Racket (Dark Navy)-UnStrung

For advanced players looking for immediate access to power to maintain a relentless attackDesigned w..

Rs. 40,500

Yonex Astrox 100ZZ Badminton Racket (Kurenai)-UnStrung

For advanced players looking for immediate access to power to maintain a relentless attackDesigned w..

Rs. 40,500