Football Training

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LiveUp Adjustable Quick Hurdles

Not only folding, but also height adjustable, the LiveUp Quick Hurdles LS3682 helps to strengthen an..

Rs. 6,800

LiveUp Agility Cones Set with Rack

The LiveUp LS3672 Agility Disc Cone 5 cm Set - consist of 20 pc 5 cm cones . They are a great, multi..

Rs. 2,500

LiveUp Agility Ladder 8 Meters

The LiveUp LS3671 Agility Ladder is a great coaching tool to practice coordination and increase the ..

Rs. 3,400

LiveUp Speed Chute

This LiveUp LS3674 high performance speed chute provides intense acceleration and max-speed training..

Rs. 2,850

LiveUp Football Trainer

The LiveUp LS3619 Football Trainer is a simple football assistant for training and development work ..

Rs. 1,950

LiveUp Reaction Ball

Work your reflexes and your agility, your coordination and your reaction time in a fun way with Live..

Rs. 950