Weight/Dumbbell Racks

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FFitTech Bars and Weight Rack (A015-1)

Rack for storage of bars and disks.KEY FEATURESMade of steel, has a maximum capacity of six bars.Pro..

Rs. 40,625

FFitTech Dumbbells Rack 15 Pair Storage (943S)

The rack is designed to store dumbbells. With a capacity of 15 pairs.SPECIFICATIONSDimensions: 240 x..

Rs. 211,875

FFitTech Hex Dumbbells Rack 15 Pair Storage

This stand allows you to optimize your gym by accommodating as many hex dumbbells as possible.Made o..

Rs. 120,000

FFitTech Olympic Plates Rack (AZAG014)

The Ffittech Series is characterized by a unique design combined with a strong component of innovati..

Rs. 61,875

LivePro Barbell Rack

The LivePro LP8807 Weight Rack can store 10 bars in a stable double sided design.SPECIFICATIONSColou..

Rs. 41,400

LivePro Dumbbell Rack

Built with heavy-gauge sheet metal and a powder coat finish for rugged strength to hold dumbbells of..

Rs. 47,400

LivePro Dumbbell Rack 10 Pairs

The LivePro LP8800 is a heavy duty two tier design for correct weight location. Saddles prevent dama..

Rs. 140,000

LivePro Kettlebell Rack

The LivePro LP8805 Kettlebell Rack utilizes a 3-tier design for easy storing and retrieval of all we..

Rs. 54,000

LivePro Olympic Bar Holder

The LivePro LP8808 Olympic Bar holder can hold 8 Olympic Bars..

Rs. 29,400

LivePro Olympic Plate Rack

The LivePro LP8810 Olympic Plate Rack has storage slots for up to 5 to 25 kg plates. Rung spacing op..

Rs. 29,400

LivePro Olympic Plate Rack

This freestanding storage unit allows you to store different plates..

Rs. 32,000

LivePro Olympic Weight Plates Rack

The LivePro LP8804 Olympic Weight Tree stores all sizes of Olympic Weight ranging from 1.25 kgs to 2..

Rs. 36,000

LivePro Studio Barbell and Plate Rack

The LivePro LP8801 Studio Barbell Rack is a stylishly designed rack to hold 10 sets of barbells. The..

Rs. 35,400

LiveUp Barbell Rack Double Sided

The LiveUp LS1930 barbell rack can store upto 10 barbells...

Rs. 38,500

LiveUp Dummbells Rack 10 pairs

This triangular dumbbell rack by Liveup can store upto 10 pairs of dumbbells of different weights. I..

Rs. 24,500

LiveUp Olympic Weight Plate Rack

This LiveUp LS1922 rack keeps the workout area safe, clean and organized. It has two rockers and is ..

Rs. 17,500