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Daily Youth 4 – Station x 4 Weight Stack (GS320)

Full Commercial grade 4 Stack Multi-Station from Daily Youth. This machine allows users to work almo..

Rs. 825,000

Daily Youth AB Bench/Machine (GC114)

An ab bench is a simple piece of fitness equipment for doing advanced abdominal exercises. It can be..

Rs. 90,500

Daily Youth Abductor & Adductor Machine (GS317)

Working together though, the abductors and adductors can be used to stabilize you when you are in co..

Rs. 325,500

Daily Youth Adjustable Sit-up Board (GC110)

The Adjustable Sit-Up Board by is built and designed for performing sit-ups and abdominal crunches i..

Rs. 97,500

Daily Youth Back Extension Machine (1513)

The Daily Youth Back Extension is a great tool to build lower back muscles as well as strengthening ..

Rs. 253,000

Daily Youth Back Extension Machine (GS309)

Technically intended for the lower back, the back extension machine can also be used to strengthen y..

Rs. 325,000

Daily Youth Barbell Rack 10PCS Storage (GC116)

Keep your workout area safe and well organized Daily Youth Barbell Rack.SPECIFICATIONSN.W: 78 kgG.W:..

Rs. 103,500

Daily Youth Bicep Curl Machine (GS306)

The bicep curl machine is one of the best exercises to help beginners understand the action of the b..

Rs. 325,500

Daily Youth Bicep Triceps Press Machine (GS307)

The Daily Youth Triceps Press targets the triceps to increase upper arm strength. No set-up adjustme..

Rs. 325,500

Daily Youth Body Stretch Machine (GC113)

Everyone knows the feeling of tight muscles. It can range from stiffness to outright pain. And takin..

Rs. 92,950

Daily Youth Butterfly (GS303)

SPECIFICATIONSN.W:132kg G.W:168kg Balance Weight:80kgProduct Dimensions:164*100*162cm&nbs..

Rs. 325,500

Daily Youth Cable Crossover with Adjustable Pulleys (GS319)

The Adjustable Cable Crossover gives the exerciser a resistance weight stack on each side and it com..

Rs. 550,500

Daily Youth Calf Raise Machine (1512)

Standing Calf Raise Machines are probably the most efficient way to train your calf muscles heavy at..

Rs. 253,500

Daily Youth Chest Press (GS301)

SPECIFICATIONSN.W:130kg G.W:162kg Balance Weight:80kg Product Dimensions:155*111*162c..

Rs. 325,500

Daily Youth Chest Press PLATE LOADED (GE201)

Chest press machine comes handy when you don't feel 100% comfortable doing the barbell or dumbbell b..

Rs. 207,350

Daily Youth Decline Chest Press PLATE LOADED (GE203)

Daily Youth’s Decline Chest Press brings the desired balance between a sleek design and unparalleled..

Rs. 227,500