Smart Flamingo

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Smart Flamingo Ankle Binder

For weak or swollen ankles and flaccid foot drop.KEY FEATURESHelps relieve pain & swelling.Made ..

Rs. 495

Smart Flamingo Anklet

Helps in sport related injury, arthritis, sprain, strain, old age and other similar conditions.KEY F..

Rs. 495

Smart Flamingo Elbow Support

For pain associated with Sports Injury.KEY FEATURESRetains heat and provide uniform compression that..

Rs. 495

Smart Flamingo Gel Exercise Ball

Recommended for burns, arthritis, fractures, nerve damage etc., for people who require hand and fing..

Rs. 895

Smart Flamingo Gel Knee Cushion

In cases of mild to moderate OA Knee and in Knee Pain.Helps to absorb shock and provides cushioning ..

Rs. 1,200

Smart Flamingo Hinged Knee Cap

Recommended in sprains, strains, arthritis, and geriatric patients.Offers compression and support (d..

Rs. 2,495

Smart Flamingo Knee Cap Single

For Sports Injury, Old Age and Arthritis. Provides mild compression, warmth and support to the knee ..

Rs. 495

Smart Flamingo Knee Stabilizer

Helps in treatment of patellar instability or patella-femoral pain.Guides the patella back into prop..

Rs. 2,350

Smart Flamingo Open Patella Knee Cap

Recommended in Sports Injuries, Arthritis and Old Age.KEY FEATURESProvides mild compression and supp..

Rs. 1,365

Smart Flamingo Palm Brace

Helps in cases of injured or weak palm. It can also be used in sports activities. KEY FEATURESProvid..

Rs. 695

Smart Flamingo Shoulder Support

It is recommended in conditions like shoulder subluxation, shoulder dislocation, rotator cuff tendon..

Rs. 1,275

Smart Flamingo Tennis Elbow Support

For tennis elbow, golfers elbow, selfie elbow, racket players and industrial workers. KEY FEATURESEn..

Rs. 1,265

Smart Flamingo Wrist Brace

Helps in weak or strained wrist. Supports and partially immobilizes the wrist, keeping the fingers f..

Rs. 495

Smart Flamingo Wrist Support (Tubular)

Helps in cases of injured or weak wrist. It can also be used in sports activities. KEY FEATURESProvi..

Rs. 495

Smart Flamingo Wrist Wrap

For weak & strained wrist.KEY FEATURESSupports and partially immobilizes wrist.Wrap around desig..

Rs. 495