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Beurer AS 50 Activity Tracker

KEY FEATURESElectronic activity sensor (calculates the activity)Sensitivity of the sensor in 5 level..

Rs. 4,500

Beurer AS 87 Activity Tracker

KEY FEATURESOptimum activity monitoring and sleep analysis with free HealthManager appTransfer: by B..

Rs. 5,500

Beurer AS 97 Activity Tracker

KEY FEATURESThe Activity sensor continuously tracks physical activity and monitors quality of sleepO..

Rs. 8,500

Beurer BF 105 Digital Weighing Scale

KEY FEATURESComplete body analysis: Accurate upper and lower body measurement with 8 electrodesInnov..

Rs. 24,000

Beurer BF 220 Digital Weighing Scale

KEY FEATURESExtra-large displayBlue LCD illuminationDigit size: 40 mmWith brushed stainless steel el..

Rs. 4,300

Beurer BF 950 Digital Weighing Scale

KEY FEATURES Automatic data transfer within Bluetooth® range after opening the app2-line display in ..

Rs. 11,500

Beurer EM 25 Glute Toning Device

KEY FEATURESEMS Pad for application in the gluteal areaBuild and tone gluteal musclesElectrical stim..

Rs. 4,000

Beurer EM 27 Ankle TENS

The TENS device can be used for pain on the ankle and provides pain relief with 4 pre-programmed app..

Rs. 6,500

Beurer EM 28 Wrist & Lower Arm TENS

KEY FEATURESPain therapy (TENS)For use in combating pain in the wrist2 wear-free contact electrodes ..

Rs. 6,500

Beurer EM 29 Knee & Elbow TENS

KEY FEATURESFor pain relief on knee and elbow2 wear free water contact electrodesElectrodes with wat..

Rs. 6,500

Beurer EM 38 Back Belt

The back belt with TENS device is the perfect aid if you have pain in the lower back. It can be used..

Rs. 6,500

Beurer EM 39 Abdominal and Back Muscle Belt

Abdominal and back muscle training is now even easier. The abdominal and back muscle belt accompanie..

Rs. 6,600

Beurer FB 35 Foot Massager

KEY FEATURESRelaxing aroma therapyRemovable aroma filter for the simple use of bath additives3 funct..

Rs. 7,500

Beurer FB 50 Foot Massager

KEY FEATURESVibration massage and bubble massageSoothing water heating at 5 levels (35 – 48 °C)Integ..

Rs. 19,000

Beurer FM 150 Leg Massager

KEY FEATURESRevitalizing pressure massageImproves venous circulation by recovery of veins functionPr..

Rs. 16,000

Beurer FM 39 Foot Shiatsu Massager

KEY FEATURESPowerful shiatsu foot massage based on 8 rotating massage ballsLight and infrared heatin..

Rs. 7,000