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Dunlop Ali Farag Signature Squash Racket Bag

Endorsed by Ali Faraq.With two main compartments and plenty of additional space for your other squas..

Rs. 10,500

Dunlop Apex Infinity 4.0 115 Squash Racket

Hit harder shots.An open-throat head shape and the 14x18 Powermax strings pattern arms you with ligh..

Rs. 15,000

Dunlop Apex Supreme 4.0 125 Squash Racket

Control your power.The Apex Supreme 4.0 delivers the optimum balance of control and power from a con..

Rs. 15,000

Dunlop Blackstorm Graphite 4.0 135 Squash Racket

Play with comfort and power.The 4D braided construction filters out vibrations to give you a more co..

Rs. 16,200

Dunlop Blackstorm Titanium 4.0 135 Squash Racket

Experience power like never before.This open-throat design provides out and out power thanks to the ..

Rs. 16,800

Dunlop D SR Apex Synergy 2.0 HL Squash Racket

The Dunlop Apex Synergy racket helps technical all-round players to beat power hitters. It is a ligh..

Rs. 15,600

Dunlop Evolution 1000 Table Tennis Racket

The Dunlop Evolution 1000 table tennis bat is fully approved by the International Table Tennis Feder..

Rs. 3,850

Dunlop Evolution 2000 Table Tennis Racket

The Dunlop Evolution 2000 table tennis bat is a great choice for intermediate players who want to ta..

Rs. 3,950

Dunlop FORT All Court Tennis Ball (Pack of 3)

The iconic Dunlop Fort All Court pressurized tennis ball is suitable for all levels of play on all c..

Rs. 835

Dunlop Hyperfibre + Evolution Pro 120 Squash Racket

Feel the power of control.A hybrid frame shape gives the racket increased stability, so you can hit ..

Rs. 19,800

Dunlop HyperFibre XT Revelation 125 Squash Racket

A larger head size and a thicker aero beam packs more punch into your game. The extra headlight bala..

Rs. 19,200

Dunlop HyperFibre XT Revelation Pro 128 Squash Racket

Hit shots with real impact. An open-throat frame shape packs extra power, while the smaller 490sq cm..

Rs. 19,200

Dunlop HyperFibre XT Revelation Pro Lite 125 Squash Racket

Explode your shot powerHit shots with real impact. This lighter update to the Revelation Pro feature..

Rs. 19,200

Dunlop Nitro 100 Table Tennis Racket

KEY FEATURESCarefully crafted blade enables you to deliver neat and precise shotsSuperior surface en..

Rs. 1,700

Dunlop Precision Elite 135 Squash Racket

Plant your shots with power.The conventional head shape gives you great control, while the larger he..

Rs. 19,800

Dunlop Precision Pro 130 Squash Racket

Play un-returnable shots.Place the ball exactly where your opponent can't reach it. If you're an adv..

Rs. 19,800