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Joola Aruna Off + Table Tennis Blade

The new JOOLA Aruna Blade SeriesPlay with the blade of the ITTF Star 2014 Aruna QuadriThe experience..

Rs. 12,500

Joola Eagle Fast Table Tennis Blade

The Joola EAGLE FAST, a low-budget balsa blade. The high quality manufactured offensive blade weighs..

Rs. 7,000

Joola Eagle Speed Table Tennis Blade

A 5 ply wood blade, the JOOLA Eagle Speed is built to suit fast technical players, who play a contro..

Rs. 6,500

Joola Falcon Fast Plus Table Tennis Blade

The offensive blade with "soul" is alive for every shot and allows precise balls to be played, espec..

Rs. 7,000

Joola Green Power Glue

Solvent-free for regular gluing of rubbers to blades. Provides excellent adhesion of blade and rubbe..

Rs. 2,200

Joola Maxxx-P Table Tennis Rubber

The MAXXX-P is ideal for ambitioned players who lay emphasis on control and ball feeling with the ne..

Rs. 4,500

Joola Novic Table Tennis Rubber

Brand new JOOLA rubber at a fantastic price!JOOLA NOVIC has a medium to hard sponge. The surface is ..

Rs. 3,000

Joola Rhyzm 425 Table Tennis Rubber

The JOOLA Rhyzm 425 is the ideal compromise for all players that expect a best possible ball respons..

Rs. 4,000

Joola Rhyzm-P Table Tennis Rubber

The Rhyzm-P is ideal for the aggressive players, who play an aggressive game with extreme speed and ..

Rs. 4,800

Joola Rosskopf Allround Table Tennis Blade

The perfect blade for beginners and intermediate players which has a combination of ball feeling, sp..

Rs. 6,500