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Victor 12 Racket Multi Sport Bag 9607-Blue

The Victor Multi Sport Bag 9607 is a racket bag in a new bag format, comfortable and roomy, and very..

Rs. 9,675

Victor 16 Racket Multi Thermo Supreme 9307 - Green & Black

Perfect for every type of player. Spacious and durable, designed to hold everything you could ever n..

Rs. 12,950

Victor Atomos 700 Badminton Racket

An all graphite badminton racket suitable for the intermediate player who wants to take the next ste..

Rs. 8,050

Victor Badminton Racket and Shuttle Keychain

Ideal as a small gift or tournament prize.KEY FEATURESBadminton Racket: Approx 3.5cm in lengthShuttl..

Rs. 675

Victor G-7000 Badminton Racket-Strung

Great new addition to the bestselling G-7500. Head heavy full carbon racket with amazing handling fo..

Rs. 5,500

Victor G-7500 Badminton Racket-Strung

Perfect hobby and training full carbon-racket offering outstanding value, durable and robust.SPECIFI..

Rs. 5,000

Victor Hand Towel

Very soft towel made of 100% cotton. Size: 50 cm x 100 cm..

Rs. 1,550

Victor Headband-Black

Headband in blackSPECIFICATIONSMaterial: 90% Cotton, 6% Elastic, 4% Nylon FiberSize: (TU) One Size ..

Rs. 500

Victor Hypernano X990 Badminton Racket

Ideal for quickly switching between absolute power and precise counterbores, the HX-990 convinces wi..

Rs. 42,650

Victor Indoor Sport 3000 Socks - 3 Pack (White)

Indoor Sport socks with gorgeous comfort and seamless toe-hood!KEY FEATURESMaterial: 80% Cotton &..

Rs. 1,450

Victor IP 3L Squash Racket - Strung

The Victor IP 3L squash racket offers you both power and tolerance. It offers an excellent combinati..

Rs. 11,430

Victor IP 5 Squash Racket - Strung

One of the most popular head shape of all times to combine perfectly a powerful, fast and responsive..

Rs. 12,619

Victor IP 9KR Squash Racket - Strung

Top racket of IP-series and developed by PSA player Raphael Kandra: one of the best squash players i..

Rs. 15,676

Victor Jetspeed S10 Q Badminton Racket

By combining two cutting-edge technologies, PYROFIL and Nano Fortify, with a smaller racket frame an..

Rs. 37,500

Victor Jetspeed S12 Blue Badminton Racket

The top racket of the Jetspeed series, perfect for fast players. The stiffer and reinforced shaft en..

Rs. 40,850

Victor Light Fighter 7000 Badminton Racket-Strung

Control is everything. An even balance provides fast racket head speed for great defence and drives ..

Rs. 14,750